The Produce

An overview of the games I’ve worked on or am working on. It’s not much, but it’s honest work.

The 49 eye


The game I’m currently working on. 49:Prototypes is a fast paced mobile action game where finger dexterity and responsiveness is key. Escape Hell, challenge your friends in PvP action and gather unique items.


In Whaling you’re a whale protecting a small planet against evil jellyfish. It’s a simple game that does well with small kids. Could use an update though..


Highlandur is a battle royale entry for the GMTK2019 gamejam. The game was developed in less than 24 hours with Joris Roelofs. We are still scheduled for a web release.


A ship on an alien planet with no powers of your own you’re left to absorb the powers of others. If you survive long enough, you’re in for a boss fight. Still wanting to port this to mobile.