Since 2018 I’ve been slowly making my way into the game industry. It’s a tough industry, especially if you want to start your own studio. Without subsidies or an investor, you’re in for a ride.

I’m working on a couple of small titles and trying to build a team while being part of the incubation program of Dutch Game Garden in Utrecht.

I’ve made a couple of smaller titles since 2019:

  • Whaling (2019), minor title, android
  • Heartless (2019), minor title, pc, and android
  • Highlander (2019), game jam game, pc
  • Frail: Ego 49 (2020), a discontinued mobile game

Currently, I’m focussing on getting everything in place for my new studio JoTo Games in which I’ll be focusing on hybrid casual titles.

For Dutch Game Garden I handle communications, project management for INDIGO, and sales.

Dutch Game Garden (DGG) is a game incubator and business center in the Netherlands housing 40+ game studios. Their mission is to create job opportunities and economic growth by supporting the Dutch games industry and promoting entrepreneurship. I was super lucky that they asked me to take up this role.

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