Development Stories

Welcome to my game development stories. Take a looky here to know more about me or continue reading my stories below.

  • Art & Rotoscoping
    It's hard finding the right artstyle for a game and deciding on it is just as hard. Because it's hard to go back on a choice made with limited resources and time. I've been consciously refraining from making a decision on it. Not that I don't have a style in mind. I've been hoarding art … Read more
  • Making 49:Prototypes public
    I haven't shared a lot on 49:Prototypes. That's mainly because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. Originally the game was part of a much larger concept, and 49:Prototypes is only a teeny-tiny slice of that idea. Even with 49:Prototypes being that small slice of a greater whole, I was afraid that … Read more
  • First words
    Hello world!